We've created an online survey in order to get information concerning our  parents :-) 
We wanted to know whether they are well informed or not. There were 17 participants.
Have a look at the results: 

1. Did you know Comenius before?                                               23% yes

 2. Do you know what Comenius is about?

 3. Did you get enough information so far?                                  70% yes

4. How do you like the project?                                       47% very good

 5. Are you worried when your child is traveling abroad?  58% not so much

 6. Do you agree with the homestay?                                          64% yes

7. Do you think this project will make a difference?                   82% yes

 8. Do you like the possibility to travel to foreign countries?           Yes :-D

 9. Do you have a look at the blogs of our partner countries too?   82% no

10. How do you like our Comenius blog?

11. Did you like this survey?

 12. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

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