Wednesday, 28 May 2014

working, working and working... ;-)

Hey guys,
today we finished most of our last weeks exercises.
Now the results of the questionnaire "What we know about EU" are hanging on the notice board in our school, so everybody can have a look at it.
Also we startet to draw our part of the comic where Comenix has a look at Germany and our sights and another group of our Comenius team asked everyone about their favourite music.
So as you can see we are very busy, what about you? ;)
Lea & Yvonne :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Different tasks

Today our tasks are to make charts about our sport activities, hobbies, clothes and music.
Secondly we work on our twinspace side to get a text like the Bulgarian students.
We hope you'll like it. :-)
Another thing is the signpost. We have to look in the internet to find the distance from Halle/ Germany to the partner towns/ countries.
Later on we´ll colour the wood and stick signs to it with the names of the partner towns and the kilometers.
We hope that the signpost will be good- looking. If you want to get an idea of it, there is a model on our "products" site. signpost Just scroll to the bottom. It's the first photo :-)
Finally some girls read the comic which has been begun from Bulgaria. It's very nice and interesting.
Paula, Bianca, Madeline

Monday, 19 May 2014

Evaluation of EU quiz

Do you remember?  In December we started interviewing many people (students, teachers, parents, people in the street, ...) in order to check their competence concerning EU issues. Our partner schools did the same. Finally we've got the results of the eight countries  :-) 
Have a look at the presentation created in Poland:      EU quiz    

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Online questionnaire is finished \(^_^)/ !!!

Hey you,
today we have finished the online questionnaire  \(^_^)/and also we have filled in our Twinspace accounts and the accounts in the forum of the website.
Today we are going to find first ideas for our comic with the Comenix :-)
We have seen the pictures from Greece. They are really nice and it looks as if you
had a lot of fun there :-)

We were really sad not to be able to stay there with you. :(
We saw a lot of nice pictures, all of them look really interesting and beautiful.
We hope that you all had a lot of fun and saw nice sights.
 Of course we had a look at the Bulgarian videos on youtube about the second and the best singers from the competition from Greece we really like your voices ♥
Keep moving !! ;-)
Next time we'll travel to Turkey too. We're looking forward to see you all! ♥

\(*_*)/   Janine and Jonas

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Online questionnaire

Hey guys , today we are going to make an online questionnaire with all of the questions that we have collected last week in order to check whether our parents and families are already well informed about our project.
:D Some of us have also released a picture of themselves (not always ;-)) on our Twinspace chat page.
 \(^_^)/ Also many greetings to Greece where our partner countries are now. Have a nice time and enjoy yourselves!
Lea and David