Halle in Westphalia

June 2014 

Gerry Weber Open
Gerry Weber Stadium
Gerry Weber Open is one of the most famous tennis tournaments in Germany. Many stars come to Halle every year. Roger Federer is the record winner. Every day of the Gerry Weber Open international singers come here, this year e.g. Marlon Roudette came to sing. The Gerry Weber Open is the only lawn tournament in Germany. Next to the stadium are three other tennis courts. Every year there are many shops around the stadium, in some shops you can buy tennis rackets and tennis clothes, there are also shops where you can buy mobile phones. In one shop you can play mini golf and if you win you'll get tickets for the next day or tickets for the 1st German Tennis League. The stadium is called Gerry Weber Stadium. Next to the courts is the hotel where the players live for one week. In this year it was the 22nd Gerry Weber Open. 
Gerry Weber Hotel
by Robin

May 2014
Town fair: „Haller Willem“
A very important fair in our hometown is the town fair Haller Willem.
The town fair Haller Willem took place this year from Wednesday the 28th May to Thursday the 29th May 2014. There you can do many different things for example dancing, eat something, go on roundabouts and driving with the train Haller Willem. \(^_^)/
Wednesday at 04.00 pm the City Festival opened. The mayoress held a little speech and planted traditionally a linden (tree). Also you can go to many stands where you can buy some traditional things from Halle(Westf.).
On the town fair you can buy things out of wood and stuff as well as a lot of sweets.
Sometimes the firefighters from Halle lead through an exercise where you can stay and watch them. :-)


<- duck fishing


  shooting gallery->


 <- the Haller Willem ;-)


Our town: Halle in Westphalia   
 Have a look :-)

Halle is a town in Nordrhein-Westphalia
The district is Gütersloh

The population is 21.228.
The mayor of Halle is  Anne Rodenbrock-Wesselmann.

Halle is very famous for the 
tennis stadium "Gerry Weber".

Gerry Weber Stadium
Sporting events and concerts are held.
"Gerry Weber Open" is held here every summer.
It was built in 1992.
 Almost 12,500 people fit in there.

Schloss (castle) Tatenhausen

Castle Tatenhausen
is located in the Tatenhausener forest.
It was built in 1491.
Earlier, counts lived there.

Halle/ Westphalia

People in Halle/ Westphalia
People told us their opinion about their hometown: Halle/ Westfalen for them is a very beautiful city with lots of attractions and helpful people. 
There are lots of small shops,   there are lots of beautiful ancient houses and  it's good for older people because you can reach everything on foot
People in Halle are very friendly and nice.
The most famous restaurant for young people is "Heiners Imbiss", it's fast food ;-)
Halle has got a train station that is used by lots of people who can drive to the next biggest cities named Bielefeld or Osnabrück.

                                                                                                       Diyar and Moritz

Did you know that the best chocolate ever is made in Halle?! ;-)


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