May 2015
Final Exposition




March 2015
We are letters ;)

11th February 2015

Working on the exposition in our town hall

Marica, Madeline


Jan-Lukas, Nikola, Moritz



posters to inform about our partners

Diyar, Ilayda


18th December 2014
New posters for our Comenius corner :-)

17th September 2014

Setting up the signpost

That's the place

Lynn starts...

Madeline goes on...

a first hole...

Yes - the post is set

... and the signs too :-)

10th September 2014
Creating the Comenius comic 

Germanix, Comenix, speech bubbles...

little characters

Comenix in Berlin

Sea impressions

visiting Berlin

Weekly work :-)

 20th August 2014

our info point

creating posters

25th June 2014
Jan-Lukas, Moritz, David, Ozan, Nikola

Nikola, Robin


EUROPE DAY                                                         2nd April 2014

 colour the flag right

relay race


 obstacle cours

 guess the country outline
 guess the national anthem
 Right or wrong?
 guess the European country and its capital city
 1, 2 or 3...

throw the coin and answer the question

March 2014

Comenius box - important content ;-)

playing TABU

Comenius cake :-D
getting more and more decorated

our showcase with partner's xmas cards :-D

 words for our TABU game

logos for the TABU cards

Our Comenius team (while working :-))

Lukas & Moritz

Dominic, David & Moritz

Impressions of our school:
 Our working place
Our physics room
Our  kitchen team

This is our pond

 Here we are during our break

our canteen
 Our gym
Our entrance hall
 Painting by students "RSH"

in front of the hotel

Preparatory visit in Halle

visiting the mayor

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