Saturday, 8 August 2015

additional info ;-)

for those who like statistics:
(visitors of different countries)


thanks for following us :-D

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The end

The exposition was taken down and found its final place in the Comenius corner. This was our last activity of two years Comenius. Next week we'll meet a last time but not for working - we are going to enjoy ourselves - eating some ice cream or something like that together :-)
And on Friday 12th is the last school day for our students in the 10th form. After that they will start getting to know the real life ;-)

So, bye bye to everybody! 
Thanks a lot for this big amount of wonderful experiences within two years Comenius!  

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

exposition opening

Today we opened our final exposition. 
Have a look at the photos.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

last preparations

Hello everybody,
We have finished to fill in the questionaires and now they will be evaluated. Ozan will finish his poster about Finland today. The girls are helping him because we will need the posters next week for our exposition.
We are all happy about having finished our work. Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The questionaire

Hey guys,
Today it's like every Comenius lesson. Everybody is working and busy.
We are writing a newspaper article wich we would like to publish in the local newspaper. We present the Comenius Club and tell them about it. Some guys have finished  it and now they are filling in the questionnaire. The questionaire is about our Comenius project, how we feel about the 2 years.

Tunahan; Ilayda

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

First lesson after Spain \(^_^)/

Hey everybody,
today the guys from the Spain trip had the first lesson after the trip!
First we talked about the trips to Bulgaria and Spain and we filled in a paper with lots of questions about the Comenius project.
Now the most of us write a little text for the local newspaper about what is going on in the project.

David and Jonas

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back from Spain :-)

It was a wonderful last meeting in Ubeda, Spain! Thanks a lot to the Spanish team!!!
Yvonne and Diogo who were hosted in families loved their "new families" and the others who stayed at the hotel were lucky too. They even got two bottles of olive oil as a present because they were such gorgeous guests :-D

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

greetings from Spain :-D

Today Lea, Yvi, Janine, Diogo, David and Jonas did the wall painting.

For further photos look at "visit in Spain".
See you!

Friday, 10 April 2015

outline for wall painting

Here's the outline for the wall painting in Spain. 
Yes, the colour is missing ;-)

You will see the final result next week :-D

Saturday, 28 March 2015

photos :)

There are a lot of new photos in "Visit in Bulgaria
And if you want even more, have a look at the homepage's gallery.

only two weeks left for SPAIN :-)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Where are Jonas, Diogo, David, Mrs Lampe and Mrs Miermeister?

... in Bulgaria :-D
For more pictures have a look at visit in Bulgaria or visit  our website :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Meeting in Bulgaria

David, Diogo, Jonas, Birte and Anne!
 ... and all the members of the other teams!

Have a nice time in Bulgaria :-D

enjoy your stay and benefit from all the new impressions!

Here's the link to our EASTER PRESENTATION which will be presented in Bulgaria.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ozan's blog :)

today I want to write the latest blog post.

As you already know we have finished our presentation for Bulgaria. Jonas has got everything on a memory stick in order to take it to Bulgaria. 
David Jonas and Diogo are very happy about the trip to Bulgaria. Hopefully it will not be too cold. 
Actually spring has arrived in Germany. We've got 15 degrees today, but at night it's still cold - 0 to 4 degrees.
For the rest of our team it's only 1 week before the easter holidays (2 weeks) will start :-D
Some of our club deserve a break, because they worked very hard.

I haven't finished the "Comenius letters clip" so you will probably get to see it next week.
The others are working on "Germany trip guides". Very helpful for foreigners :-D
Ozan <3

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The presentation

Hey guys,
today we finished our letter project there are some very nice photos - you'll see them soon ;) Finally the product is not like it was planned last week - we had new ideas ;)

Then we answered the new question on Twinspace:
 What is the thing you like most from school life?  

Afterwards we saw the presentation of Jonas, Diogo and David about Easter in Germany - they prepared it for Bulgaria. 
We hope you will have a nice weekend. See you next week. :)
Eva+Tunahan= Zehra♥

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Planning for today

Today some students need to finish their posters. And we also answered the new Twinspace question;)
Besides we plan our new project. We want to build letters out of the students of our Comenius-Club.
Erona's plan

Have a nice week.♥♥
                                                                          Zehra & Eva

Friday, 27 February 2015

Question :D

The new TWINSPACE question for next week is online :-)))
It is:

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Do you celebrate with your family, friends or both? 
Do you get presents? 
When do you celebrate your birthday?

 Go to Twinspace if you want to answer it.