Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ozan's blog :)

today I want to write the latest blog post.

As you already know we have finished our presentation for Bulgaria. Jonas has got everything on a memory stick in order to take it to Bulgaria. 
David Jonas and Diogo are very happy about the trip to Bulgaria. Hopefully it will not be too cold. 
Actually spring has arrived in Germany. We've got 15 degrees today, but at night it's still cold - 0 to 4 degrees.
For the rest of our team it's only 1 week before the easter holidays (2 weeks) will start :-D
Some of our club deserve a break, because they worked very hard.

I haven't finished the "Comenius letters clip" so you will probably get to see it next week.
The others are working on "Germany trip guides". Very helpful for foreigners :-D
Ozan <3

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