EU info

May 2014

People have EU citizenship if they live in an EU country or they are relative/ family member of an EU citizen. This means that people have both EU and their own country's citizenship.

EU citizen rights:
  • living free with no fear
  • having a choice
  • petitions to the European parliament and complains to the European commissioner
  • you can get reduced-cost or completely free health care during an illness or accident while visiting any EU country
  • you can study within the EU
  • the different EU countries help each other
  • be recognized in universities
  • share an European identity with others
Because of the €uro, you can compare the prices in EU. 

  • curing and supporting the producing of groceries 
  • trying to improve the wellbeing of the cattle
  • trying to keep farm industry active 
  • at the same time: protecting nature

  • gives money to European industries to keep them at the same level as in the whole world
  • cooperation between Germany and France 
  • open limits
  • countries help each other
  • peace between all countries
  • International inport/ export
  • traveling
  • small and medium sized companies

The economy is good and lots of people are getting rich. People from different countries exchange products which they produced. It connects the different countries all over rhe EU.

Jan-Lukas, Moritz

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