Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Online questionnaire is finished \(^_^)/ !!!

Hey you,
today we have finished the online questionnaire  \(^_^)/and also we have filled in our Twinspace accounts and the accounts in the forum of the website.
Today we are going to find first ideas for our comic with the Comenix :-)
We have seen the pictures from Greece. They are really nice and it looks as if you
had a lot of fun there :-)

We were really sad not to be able to stay there with you. :(
We saw a lot of nice pictures, all of them look really interesting and beautiful.
We hope that you all had a lot of fun and saw nice sights.
 Of course we had a look at the Bulgarian videos on youtube about the second and the best singers from the competition from Greece we really like your voices ♥
Keep moving !! ;-)
Next time we'll travel to Turkey too. We're looking forward to see you all! ♥

\(*_*)/   Janine and Jonas

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