Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Different tasks

Today our tasks are to make charts about our sport activities, hobbies, clothes and music.
Secondly we work on our twinspace side to get a text like the Bulgarian students.
We hope you'll like it. :-)
Another thing is the signpost. We have to look in the internet to find the distance from Halle/ Germany to the partner towns/ countries.
Later on we´ll colour the wood and stick signs to it with the names of the partner towns and the kilometers.
We hope that the signpost will be good- looking. If you want to get an idea of it, there is a model on our "products" site. signpost Just scroll to the bottom. It's the first photo :-)
Finally some girls read the comic which has been begun from Bulgaria. It's very nice and interesting.
Paula, Bianca, Madeline

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