Monday, 31 March 2014

Meeting in Romania

Last week some of us (Lynn, Tami, Pia, Paula and Madeline with Mrs Brigas and Mrs Lampe) visited our partners in Romania. 

Romania was a really great experience. We enjoyed our trip.
We met nice and awesome people. We found new friends, thank you for that.
The program was very interesting and various. ♥
Especially the sport activities and the museum visit. Also the shopping was very cool with our Romanian friends. The school visit was exciting and it was interesting to see, how the Romanian students have to learn.
The hotel was clean and pretty. We felt well-being.
The people from the other countries were very friendly and our Romanian friends too. We had lots of fun with all of you and stay in contact.♥
Madeline, Pia, Lynn, Paula, Tami 

Romanian photo presentation

There was even a TV journalist to get interviews concerning the school system. Have a look:
 we are on TV :-)
We were really surprised to see that there were cameras in all classrooms to controle students during their tests! 

Romanian children singing for the Greek National Day

in the Houses of Parliament

wait for some more information ;-)

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