Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New tasks♥

Today some of us have to fill in a form for our voyages to Bulgaria and Spain.
Zehra and Eva have to finish our comic because Janine and Yvonne are no longer in our Comenius Club and didn't finish their task. 
We all have to answer the forum question on Twinspace: ''Do you like sports?''. It was very quick for Tami and me to answer it, because we don't like or do sports. 
Today we'll start a new project concerning ''youth and media''. :D  We have to think about some questions and after that we're going to make interviews with the students at our school. When we've got the results we're going to present them in a graphic. 
By the way if you want to get information about the next voyage, go to ''visit in Bulgaria''. :)
Tami ♥ and Paula ♥

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